Deep Sea Work

Underwater themed poster and t-shirt

Self Initiated Project

To satisfy my entrepreneurial itch I had a run of posters and t-shirts printed featuring my work. I managed to sell a few and really enjoyed the challenge of undertaking these projects alone. Thanks to Tom and Maddie for being my awesome models. For a while instead of giving out business cards I gave out poster tubes with my details on, containing a poster and a squid sticker. I still have some stock left!

Made of squids photo 1 Deep sea doodle poster photo 1 Deep sea doodle poster photo 2 Deep sea doodle poster photo 3 Made of squids photo 2
Made of squids photo 3 Tees, posters and stickers Deep sea doodle poster initial photo 1
Want to get your hands on a t-shirt or poster? Ask me nicely via Email or Twitter @oliversurey